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Heather's Tips for Styling Your Kitchen

Friday, March 22, 2019

Stop and think about how much time you spend in your kitchen. If you're like me, it's A LOT! And that's why it's considered the most popular space in your home. Whether you're cooking dinner for your family or gathering with friends, the kitchen is always in the picture. When it comes to designing a kitchen that will impress potential buyers, you've got options, ranging from small design tweaks to major renovations. Depending on how you want to tackle this area of the home, I've got some advice for you. Here are my top tips for styling your kitchen.

Less Is More

When it comes to the kitchen, I always say that less is more. This area of the home is usually the space that we see a lot of clutter. Car keys thrown on the counter, mail piling up on the island, various items scattered about...the kitchen is where we put our clutter. My advice is to tackle the clutter and get rid of it. Have one place that this miscellaneous stuff is stored and make sure that it has a lid. That way, if you've got company (or potential buyers) coming over, you can tidy up quickly and easily. My go-to item is a decorative box that goes with the theme of the home.

Color & Style

When it comes to colors in the kitchen, the Golden Rule is never to have more than three colors competing with each other in the room. For example, if you have white counter tops and brown cabinets, you can only use one more color to tie into the space. You don't want multiple colors vying for attention here. This makes the space look messy.

Another effective way to accentuate the kitchen is with hardware and lighting. I always call this the jewelry of the home. The thing to always keep in mind is that there's a fine line between what is too much and what is just right. Choose hardware that complements the décor of the space and accent it with a fun light fixture.

Maximizing the Space

Depending on the level of renovation that you are prepared for, you can choose to maximize your space with slight tweaks or with some major upgrades. Slight tweaks with paint can really add some depth to the space. For instance, painting cabinets white can make them appear taller. If you're prepared for a little more, you may consider opening up the space (if it's not already open concept) and adding an island with more storage. Leathered granite on kitchen islands is becoming more and more popular, due to its durability. Removing soffits and taking cabinets to the ceiling can also help you maximize space. Remember, start by sprucing up what you have and go from there.

Helpful tip: Bar height is out! Instead, opt for counter height to create a clean, casual feel in the space.

The Heart of the Home

If you're going to invest in any part of your home, my advice to you is to invest in the kitchen. This is the place that everyone gathers in and the place where you'll spend the majority of your time. Remember these key tips for styling your kitchen:

  • Declutter the space

  • Incorporate no more than three colors in the room

  • Add flair with hardware and light fixtures

  • Spruce up what you have

No matter if you're designing a kitchen from the ground up or making some simple upgrades, keep these tips in mind, so that your kitchen impresses. After all, it's the heart of the home!

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