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My Top Tips for Styling Your Guest Suite

Friday, July 19, 2019

Being able to share my home with family, friends and loved ones is something that I cherish...and something that happens A LOT! So, when it's time to carve out a space for them that's both comfortable and functional, I have some go-to advice for you! Whether you've got family members flying in or close friends visiting from across town, nothing says 'Welcome to my home' like a well-established (and beautifully decorated) guest suite! It's time to show your guests a level of coziness that they can't get anywhere else. Here are my top tips for styling your guest suite.

Establish Your Theme

The first thing I always advise is to establish the theme of your home. For instance, if you've ever visited any sites like VRBO, you may have noticed that the guest suites all have creative names. 'Coastal Cottage' or 'Mediterranean Oasis' evoke a feeling of tranquility and relaxation...AND go with the theme of the home. Find the theme of your home and use it in the details of your guest suite. My theme is seahorses, so you bet that I'm going to incorporate these little cuties into my guest room!

Go Neutral

You want your guest suite to give your visitors that feeling of comfort when they're away from home. Do this by opting for a neutral 'spa' tone throughout. I like to keep this area clean and I don't want my guests being afraid that they're going to 'dirty up' the space. That's why I forgo rugs in the guest suite. Not only do they get dirty easily, guests will feel awful if they end up tracking in dirt. I never want my guests to worry when they're staying in my home.

I like to create a modern spa-like space in this area of the home. I put out white towels and toiletries in a cute basket under the sink. I also like to cluster shampoo bottles and tie them together with a bow to add that resort feel to the room.

Expert Tip: Remember how I said I never want my guests to worry? Opt for black washcloths, so that if they do end up getting something (like makeup) on the towel, it's less noticeable!

Keep It Comfy

Along the lines of keeping it comfortable, another way I like to make my guests feel right at home is by making the beds and adding a pop of color with the duvet at the end of the bed. That way, my guests can feel like they can use the duvet as a blanket if they desire. Another tip I have for you is to always have four pillows for your guests. Most people like to sleep with two pillows, so even if you only have two on the bed, keep two more in the closet...just in case.

I also like to include some pops of color throughout, and my go-to hues are blues, greens and earthy tones. These colors promote relaxation and to me, you just can't beat the look!

My Golden Rule

Finally, your guests need to be able to feel that they have room to move around in the space. This is why I like to keep the guest suite crisp, clean and free from clutter. My husband always laughs at me when I take a look at a space and ask if an air mattress will fit in it, in addition to all of the furniture. It's important that your guest suite is able to accommodate a King or Full bed with a dresser that you're able to open...AND have room for the air mattress. That's when you know the area is going to work for your guests.

I hope this has helped you design your guest suite, so that your visitors feel at home in their temporary space! After all, your guests deserve to have that relaxing resort experience in their home away from home. Create that for them with these simple tips!

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