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Tips for Styling Your Outdoor Living Area

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Although we're lucky enough to have summer all year-round here in paradise, there's just something about it actually being summer that makes me excited to be outside, enjoying the balmy evenings and sea salty breezes from the Gulf. Now that summer is upon us, let's turn our attention to the outdoor living area. Outdoor spaces are hot, hot, hot here in Southwest Florida, and I'm not just talking about temperature! Here are my top tips for styling your outdoor living area.

Cozy & Colorful

Unlike the interior of your home, which is best to be kept in neutral tones, the outdoor living area is the space where you can really bring in the color. Bright pinks, fuchsias, oranges and yellows dominate the space, setting the tone for a cheery, happy atmosphere. The most exciting part about styling your outdoor living area is styling it for season. Don't think that you need to keep the same color scheme all year long. Switch it up and select corresponding colors to match the season, such as:

  • Fall: orange tones

  • Winter: greens, golds and silvers

  • Summer: bright colors, fuchsias, pinks, etc

Rotate through spring, summer, fall and winter décor, and don't be afraid to take advantage of those end-of-season sales at your favorite home stores. The key here is to freshen up the space and give it a new vibe for whichever season you're currently enjoying.

Natural Decor

As far as décor for this space, a big thing that I'm seeing a lot of lately are strands of big bulbs hanging above the space. This trend gives the outdoor living area some serious ambiance at night, setting the scene for a fun, relaxing evening in paradise. Since we live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, don't forget to add a beachy vibe to the space by incorporating natural elements, such as a tray of your favorite seashells to serve as a centerpiece for your table. These treasured little mementos not only serve as beautiful decorations, but they will bring a smile to your face thinking about the fun time you had collecting them.

Similar to the inside, try to keep the decorative items limited to a wood, a metal and a natural element to give the space depth and texture, but don't be afraid to be bold here.

Plant Life

Plant life can be incorporated into all areas of the home, but it's important to note that plant life outside must be living. You can get away with synthetic succulents inside, but outside, choose plant life that can thrive. My favorite thing to do in my outdoor living area is to pick a favorite tree, install some chicken wire on the base and attach my orchids to it. Not only will these beautiful plants begin to intertwine themselves through the wire and provide an exquisite presentation, they'll stay alive all year long.

Furniture Trends

When we first think of outdoor living spaces, our minds gravitate toward the wicker look; however, wicker is actually trending down these days. It's being replaced by wood and metal pieces, namely repurposed synthetic wood, which can be easily cleaned, maintained and requires zero maintenance. Keep it cozy by incorporating pieces that are comfortable and blend in easily with the feel of the space.

Outdoor Living in Paradise

We live in paradise...there's no doubt about it. That's why we should take advantage of our beautiful surroundings all year-round and style our outdoor living spaces to embrace that tropical, beachy feel. So, sit back, put your feet up and relax while you take it all in here in our Southwest Florida paradise.

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