I started this "Let's Get Moving" campaign because I wanted an outlet to give back to my community and charities that I am passionate about helping. LET'S GET MOVING is a fun play on words because I love to get people physically MOVING homes but I also love seeing people physically MOVE their bodies.

Caine Premier Properties started this initiative almost a year ago and we have already raised thousands of dollars for many charities. This makes my heart so full.

How does it work? If you are a fitness center in SWFL or DFW we partner with you and a charity you are passionate about helping. It doesn't always have to be about money. A few of our charities have needed supplies for upcoming events. We all work together and cross promote the event through your organization and all our Realtors at Caine. We are the host of the event and help the event run smoothly while also participating in the MOVING initiative.

We have a fabulous new event on June 2nd. To learn more about our charity and BVibrant, please click on the links below: