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About Our Caine Luxury Team

 It's a beautiful day in paradise!


We make Home Design and Real Estate FUN! Our number #1 goal is to help our sellers make the highest return on investment while also providing TOP NOTCH home design vision for their new piece of PARADISE!

Hi, my name is Heather Caine and our Caine Luxury Team has a serious passion for everything HOME RELATED.  Not just home design but we want it to look high end without costing our clients a fortune.  

Is that something that interests you?  Would you like us to help you in your home design?  We have gotten creative and we have designed rooms for you online! Let me tell you this is so much fun! But before we get started let us get to know each other! Let me tell you about myself as the Broker of our team and owner of STYLE to SELL which is a STYLING design firm and then send us a message about you and what we can do to help you!

My family decided to move to the happiest healthiest city in America (Naples, FL) to raise our two girls Makayla and Reagan along with our two four-legged babies Rosie and Knoxie. We bought our house virtually through an online auction and I redesigned the entire home before we even moved to Florida. Everyone has their own God-given gifts and god blessed me with a vision to create beautiful homes on any budget. 

My passion for Home Design was sparked by my love for Real Estate. I moved around a lot as a child because I grew up Military and loved that my mother could make any home beautiful and we were always on a budget. I am a Real Estate Broker in Florida and have an amazing team of Realtors and our business model is to “STYLE to SELL” that is right friends I’ve been designing homes for 17+ years.  I have been extremely blessed in my Real Estate career and I love passing along my knowledge and also training our Realtors to build a successful Real Estate business while teaching them my TIPS and TRICK on how to design homes to sell. I’m also a real estate investor and used my design techniques to build my own real estate investment portfolio along with helping over 250+ clients do the same.  Today, I live in my DREAM HOME with a lot of credit going to our real estate investing, building our real estate brokerage and my husband's business.  

Our goal is to help you with creative ideas for your home. I believe no matter where you live you can create your own PARADISE whether it’s in your home, backyard or just life.


Heather Caine

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