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Dining Room - Feel the BREEZE!

You'll be surprised at the number of people who judge a house by the style of the furnishings within-- they can’t get past it. That’s why proper home STYLING is so important. If your dining room furniture is extremely beat up or too taste specific, (heavily ornate, overly modern, etc.) let's chat. STYLING the dining room with neutral-colored furniture, draperies, area rugs, etc., will attract a larger audience of buyers, because neutral colors appeal to most people. I love POPPING with BLUE because it also appeals to the largest audience and looks great on camera. Since buyers tend to start their home search online you have to make sure you home stands out above the rest. Are you curious how we STYLE a home within a real estate transaction? If so, send me a message. Happy STYLING!

All images have click through links to my AMAZON store. I have also itemized all the items below in case something caught your eye that you love. Do you have an inspiration photo that you want to share with me and I can help you created something magical? If so, send me an email . Don't forget we STYLE homes to SELL for free within a real estate transaction as well, we call it our #cainedifference !

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