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Farm House Design

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Chip and Joanna Gaine's anyone? Who doesn't LOVE Farmhouse style? Add some shiplap to a room with a classic navy color, wood tones, black metal, burlap, greenery and white accents and it's a PERFECT design. Farmhouse decor is often referred to as a style that introduces rustic, warmth, traditional and chic. Even though it seems vintage-ish, a farmhouse decor can be combined with modern touch style. My favorite trait about farmhouse decor is that it’s simple, functional and rustic furniture. The simplicity of farmhouse decor can be seen from neutral colors, pops of navy, black metals and reclaimed wood. For example, this particular style prioritizes neutral colors along with a POP of classic NAVY. To accentuate the cleanliness, choose NAVY or neutral colors that also emphasizes that FARMHOUSE touch. Click on photo to snag this entire room design, or if you want to be picky go for it and all items are itemized below. Happy STYLING!
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