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Rustic Farmhouse meets Vintage Bling - Shabby Chic

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

What girl doesn't love some serious bling in their life? This is a perfect combination of the beloved Farmhouse decor yet it has a TIMELESS look. Don't be afraid to combine ornate mirrors with a rustic console and then through in a bling light fixture. It works, I PROMISE! Some of the best designs I've created are the ones that are totally outside of the box. When you are wanting to go Shabby Chic, white washed wood and rustic decor give you that feeling of being back in time at your grandmother's house eating her chocolate chip cookies on her front porch. Right? When you add some clean line furniture to the mix it gives the space a more chic feel. Let's get Shabby Chic together. :-)

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